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Biggest calcium carbonate users

To buy mineral calcium carbonate at a reasonable price from the manufacturer, we must go to the factory in person or visit the company’s website in absentia and place our order. Mineral oysters, as its name implies, are obtained from the heart of mines. This product is mostly used to feed livestock and poultry, aquatic animals and birds. 

Biggest calcium carbonate users

Different types of calcium carbonate

 Different types of calcium carbonate We can see the price list of high quality calcium carbonate in the market by searching the sites that sell all kinds of mineral oysters. Mineral oysters are a rich source of calcium and can be used to provide calcium needed by livestock, poultry, birds and aquatic animals in their diet. Carbonate rock and. Used this material.

Different types of mineral oysters include the following:

Granular mineral oysters used for laying farms, ostriches and turkeys.

Sugar Mineral Oysters: This product is used for meat farms, polettes, young laying hens and quail.

Powdered mineral oysters: This type of product is mostly used by livestock and poultry feed factories and dairy and meat farms.

Mesh 400 mineral oysters used for industry. This product is free of any chemicals and biological substances, so it is not harmful to livestock and poultry. It is also easily swallowed by poultry without harming them. This mineral provides all the calcium needed by livestock.

How to produce calcium carbonate?

 How to produce calcium carbonate? Manufacturers of marine expensive calcium carbonate try to get the best and most quality product from their customers. Sea shells are the hard shells of soft-bodied animals that have an inner covering. This product is rich in calcium and is used to feed chickens, laying hens. This product is prepared from the northern and southern coasts of Iran. To buy a variety of mineral oyster powder for poultry diets, you can go to stores that offer a variety of animal and poultry feed. Mineral oyster powder is rich in calcium and magnesium, which is why poultry and poultry breeders use it in their diets to increase their spawning ability and provide the calcium carbonate for export their body needs. This product is natural and extracted from the ground without any contamination. They also bring this mineral, which is in the form of hard liquids, to the factory and wash and disinfect it with modern devices so that they do not cause any harm to the birds and birds, and after washing them in the furnace. They transfer the dryers to remove their moisture and then enter the production line and are produced and marketed in different shapes and sizes.

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