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Biggest crushed mussel shells producer

Reputable biggest crushed mussel shells producer, offers best and high quality mussel shells in bulk for major buyers. these products has variety of uses. in this article we will more familiar with these amazing shells.

Biggest crushed mussel shells producer

What are the crushed mussel shells

 What are the crushed mussel shells mussels (scientific name: Mytilus edulis) are cooked and processed into dry products mussels. They are a type of bivalve mollusk with a dark brown shell that lives on rocky seashores. 

The front end is tapered, and the rear end is broad and round. Generally, the shell length is 6-8 cm, and the shell length is less than twice the height of the shell. The shell is thin. The top of the shell is near the front end of the shell.

The two shells are equal, symmetrical from left to right, the surface of the shell is purple-black, with gloss, the growth pattern is fine and obvious, and grows in a ring shape from the top.

the inner surface of the shell is off-white, the edge is blue, and it has pearl luster. The hinge is long and the ligament is dark brown, about the same length as the hinge. Hinged teeth are underdeveloped, and the posterior closed muscles degenerate or disappear. The feet are small and soft.

Fresh mussels are popular in seafood products. It can be steamed, cooked, or mixed with other vegetables after peeling the shell, and the taste is delicious. Due to the large output of mussels, it is not easy to preserve them after harvesting. 

They are often cooked and processed into dry products- mussels. Mussels have high nutritional value and have certain medicinal value.

Different uses of crushed mussel shells

 Different uses of crushed mussel shells The shell of the mussel shell is made of silicate. These animals have one or two hard limestone shells that cover their soft bodies completely. As you know, some types of oysters are edible.

crushed shells Amazing can be used as decoration in homes. Also, these exciting crushed shells have various uses in agriculture.

Due to its high purity of calcium and free of harmful impurities in many industries such as livestock and poultry, aquaculture, drilling of oil wells and rubber industry, glass, ceramics, paint, polyethylene, pharmaceutical and marine. … requires calcium carbonate.

The larger the soft tissue, the larger and harder the foreign body. Oysters are made of calcium carbonate (lime). This software provides the lime needed to make oysters from seawater. The oysters of these creatures float in the water after their death and come to the surface.

The use of mussels are as follows:

  • Indigenous food consumption of the region.
  • Drying and selling it to other countries
  • Its dried consumption for livestock.
  • For use for hook bait.
  • Selling it fresh for breeding and breeding centers

crushed mussel shells are one of the products of some marine organisms that are very rich in calcium and also a good source of manganese and therefore are widely used to feed laying hens and chickens.

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