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Calcium Carbonate for sale vs Oyster Shell Calcium

Calcium carbonate vs oyster shell calcium Which one is best for laying chicken feed?Calcium carbonate and mussel powder are two major sources of calcium needed for egg laying hens. Calcium plays a very important role in the laying of the poultry diet because it makes up 97% of the egg shell in the first place, and in addition, calcium has a great impact on the bone health and health of the poultry. If there is not enough calcium in the diet of the poultry, the animal’s body supplies it by removing it from its skeleton and thinning the egg shell.

Calcium Carbonate for sale vs Oyster Shell Calcium

Pros and Cons of Calcium Supplements

Pros and Cons of Calcium Supplements Here are some of the pros and cons of calcium supplements:

Usually, with a healthy diet, our body does not need supplementary medicines, but in certain cases, such as floods or earthquakes or in impoverished areas where poverty and indigestion are prevalent, they are essential. For example, in some countries, when there is insufficient sunlight, calcium supplementation with vitamin D is essential for everyone. At age five, the body cannot absorb or absorb some of the nutrients. In this case, doctors prescribe complementary medications depending on the condition of the elderly.

In fact, young people who live healthy lives and are well-nourished rarely need vitamins and minerals. However, sometimes, due to some disorders, foods consumed do not meet the cell’s need for vitamins or minerals. In such cases, the child or adolescent may need these supplements. These drugs are often available in the drug market in the form of tablets, powders, medications or capsules, and are recommended when our body is overworked and weak. Some of these drugs can strengthen our immune system and thus prevent recurrent diseases. Mineral vitamins usually have no side effects and anyone can consume them. Pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed their children, as well as those who are weakened by severe illness or long-term activity, are advised to take multivitamins. It provides the vitamins needed by the body and improves its function.

Group B vitamins, especially complex B tablets, usually have no side effects and are available in a prescription pharmacy. Taking one of these supplements improves overall body function and gives people more energy. Zinc or zinc is one of the minerals used to improve the overall health of the body, improve the appearance of the skin and problems such as hair loss. This supplement is also sometimes prescribed for children in adulthood and no specific side effects have been reported. Remember, when we got cold, vitamin C tablets were one of the most common dietary supplements for colds. Chewable tablets, salts and boils are also present in this vitamin. Vitamin C mainly contains anti-inflammatory properties and heals damaged body tissues. Since it has no side effects, it is not contraindicated.

Quadruple enzyme is a supplement that has become very popular in the world over the past few years and has no specific side effects. Suitable for all ages, but better for older people. This supplement improves immune function and regenerates damaged muscles. It supplements the immune system to prevent acute and infectious diseases. You should not think that vitamins are harmless drugs that you can take at any time. Some vitamins have side effects. Vitamin E and vitamin A supplements should be taken as a doctor during a specific period and dose.

Consuming Vitamin A in people who do not need it can impair vision, bowel problems and pain. Arbitrary intake of vitamin A can also cause liver problems, mouth sores, dry skin and hair roughness. By completing these supplements, we can keep our body strong by preparing fruits and vegetables, whole grains, milk and low-fat dairy products.

Comparison of Common Calcium Supplements

How much calcium do you need? Comparison of Common Calcium  supplement?

The amount of calcium needed to make up for your deficiency depends on the number of different foods you eat.
There is calcium in nature in combination with other substances. There are many calcium compounds in their supplements, such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate and calcium phosphate. Each of these compounds has different amounts of calcium.
What kind of calcium supplements should you take?
The best accessory to meet your needs is individual tolerance, price and availability. When choosing and purchasing calcium supplements, you should consider:

It must be under the supervision of a reputable pharmacy and be of record value. Never buy or use supplements that do not have valid drug names, as some non-standard mussel supplements have a high iodine and calcium toxic level.

Most calcium supplements are readily absorbed by the body. If absorption and solubility are not specified in the supplement in the booklet, put the calcium (tablet or capsule) supplement in a small amount of warm water for 30 minutes and stir it occasionally if the pill or capsule does not dissolve during this time, this indicates that it It will not dissolve in the stomach. It is better to dissolve the calcium supplement in liquid and masticated form in the stomach as it breaks down before entering the stomach. Calcium, either by food or as a dietary supplement, is better absorbed when consuming 500 mg or less several times a day. But having a better place is never consuming it.

Taking calcium supplements in some people can cause side effects such as constipation and gastritis. If this problem is not solved by consuming a lot of dietary fiber and fluids, change your supplement. For example, take calcium carbonate instead of calcium citrate. You should also gradually increase the amount of the supplement used. For example, in the first week, take only 500 mg, then slowly increase the supplement.

If you are taking a drug, talk to your doctor or pharmacist how calcium supplements are related. For example, calcium supplements reduce the intake of tetracycline antibiotics. It also weakens iron absorption. Therefore, calcium and iron supplements should not be taken at the same time. Exceptionally, iron supplementation can be taken with calcium citrate or vitamin C because it is acidic. Other medicines used on an empty stomach should not be taken with calcium supplements.

Calcium supplements also contain other minerals and vitamins.Various studies have shown that lower calcium levels reduce bone mass and increase bone fracture. But a lack of calcium is one of the causes of bone loss. Other factors that affect bone loss include low estrogen, lethargy, smoking, alcohol or other diseases and medical treatments. If these factors are present, bone fractures will be prevented even with high calcium intake. DRI (Recommended Dietary Intake) Calcium for Adults 1000 to 1200 mg depending on age, gender and daily conditions. For example, in pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents are more likely to need calcium.

One dairy unit provides about 300 mg of calcium. One dairy unit equals 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of milk or 45 g of cheese. People who don’t get enough calcium from their diet should take calcium supplements to meet their needs. When taking calcium supplements, you should consider the amount of calcium in the supplement, not the total amount of the supplement. For example, a 500 mg calcium carbonate tablet contains only 200 mg of pure calcium. Thus, a person who takes these pills gets only 200 mg of calcium, not 500 mg. Calcium is absorbed in the small intestine, but not all calcium is consumed. The amount of calcium absorbed depends on various factors such as the acidic environment of the intestine, the amount of vitamin D in the body, the amount of estrogen in the body, and the type of calcium supplement.
Types of calcium supplements
An important factor for calcium absorption is the solubility of calcium supplements in the body. Always try to use standard and safe nutritional supplements to find out how much calcium is in your body and how melting it is.
Calcium citrate
Calcium supplements are better absorbed in the acidic medium, so calcium citrate is better absorbed than other supplements because it is acidic. This supplement does not need much stomach acid to absorb and can be consumed at any hour of the day even with an empty stomach. But this supplement is usually low in calcium, so you should take more pills as you need more calcium.
Calcium carbonate
Most calcium supplements are of this type. This supplement needs a lot of stomach acid to improve absorption. So it should be taken after meals.
Calcium gluconate and calcium lactate
These supplements have a low calcium content. Therefore, more pills should be taken to meet calcium requirements.
Hard Calcium (Coral Calcium)
In addition to maintaining bone health, this type of calcium supplement is also used in other diseases. It complements more than 200 types of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more. However, this result has not been 100% confirmed. This supplement contains only calcium carbonate and because of its alkalinity, it neutralizes and eliminates acid poisoning in the body.

How are the types of calcium different?

How are the types of calcium different? There are a variety of calcium supplements available

Several types of calcium compounds are used in calcium supplements. Each compound contains different amounts of inorganic calcium, known as primary calcium. Common calcium supplements include:

Calcium carbonate (40% primary calcium)
Calcium Chloride (21% Calcium Elements)
Calcium gluconate (9% primary calcium)
Calcium Lactate (13% Primary Calcium)

The two main supplements are calcium carbonate and caption. Calcium carbonate is cheaper and therefore a good choice for the first time. Other types of calcium in supplements include gluconate and lactate.

In addition, some calcium supplements combine with other vitamins and minerals. For example, some calcium supplements may contain vitamin D (vitamin D 50000 tablets) or magnesium. See the list of ingredients to see which calcium supplement is right for you.

Are Calcium Pills Dangerous?

Calcium supplements are not recommended for everyone. For example, if you have conditions that cause excessive calcium in the bloodstream (hypercalcemia), you should avoid taking calcium supplements. This is unclear, but there may be a link between calcium supplements and heart disease.

There are similar issues with prostate and calcium cancers. Some studies have shown that eating large amounts of calcium in dairy products and supplements may increase the risk of infection, while a new study shows that there is no potential risk for prostate cancer associated with calcium intake.

Is oyster shell calcium calcium carbonate?

Calcium is one of the essential minerals needed to meet biological needs and the formation of bone and egg shells in poultry. Between 30 and 7 grams of calcium is consumed daily in a shallow chicken’s body to form eggshells. The calcium needed for poultry comes from a variety of non-mineral and mineral sources that are always used in feed formulations. Non-metallic sources of calcium include alfalfa powder, bone meal and calcium phosphate, oysters and calcium carbonate from their mineral sources, which form calcium carbonate a higher priority among low levels of fluorine. It also has other calcium sources. Calcium carbonate is widely used in poultry industry and poultry use it as a major source of calcium in the diet. This mineral can be a good alternative to other calcium sources in formulas if they are of low quality and low volume of fluorine, which is very economical due to its low price.

In Iran, mussels have two forms
1. Mineral mussels
2. Seafood is prepared and used in poultry meals to provide the calcium you need.

1. Mussels or calcium carbonate (caco3) are available in two types of mountains and fossils, and they are produced and processed in powder, sugar and granules for animal, poultry and water purposes in Iran.

Due to its versatility in various farms or poultry and feed mills, oysters will be available in the following sizes:

A) Granular metal granulation (4.5 – 2.5 mm) for maternal application and use

B: Metal shrimp shell (1-3 mm) for poultry farms, young adults and laying hens

A: Metal powder oysters (0-1 mm) for use in animal and poultry feed, dairy farms and meat.

Benefits of using inorganic minerals or calcium carbonate (caco3) manufactured in production plants
1 – No pollution in carbonate rocks due to lying under the ground
2- Dismantling and disassembling the mine site to load high-quality bags
3. Disinfection and disinfection of factory entrance stones
4- Operating high-purity calcium mines (at least 97%)
5- To preserve moisture, transfer the washed stones to the dryer oven
6. Disinfect the rocks at 300 ° C
7. Determine the amount of calcium, moisture, and heavy metals in the final product by a factory-equipped geological laboratory.

2. Oysters: Oysters are the common name that refers to the hard shell of all animals with a soft calcium-rich skin from the outside as well as a good source of manganese and thus to feed the chicken. Laying hens are widely used. The northern and southern beaches of Iran are the main supplier of this product in large quantities.

Is oyster shell calcium good for you?

Is oyster shell calcium good for you? You may not believe it, but mussels contain more zinc or zinc than any other food. Zinc is an essential ingredient for growth, nails, hair growth, strengthening the immune system and improving health. The role of oysters in heart health is very important. oyster shell contain iodine and a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and magnesium, which reduces the risk of heart attacks, stroke and high blood pressure.

How to eat and eat clams easily?

Low calorie mussels makes it a healthy and beneficial food source. Mussels are also a good source of protein, so eating mussels not only reduces hunger and satiety, but also helps you lose weight. If your iron is idle and stressful, if you don’t have enough energy to do your job, I suggest adding mussels to your diet. Oysters are rich in iron and help the body find more energy and energy by providing more oxygen.

Helping lower blood cholesterol is another benefit of eating edible mussels. Eating mussels regularly raises cholesterol levels in the body and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Edible mussels like mussels are cooler in cold and colder weather in seasons. This does not mean that clams are not present in the warmest months of the year, they are completely different from taste and the types of clams are delicious in the cooler months. Environmentalists believe that eating shellfish is one step in protecting the environment, but how? Mussels are the best choice on the seafood menu because the edible mussels fishing, processing and making process is environmentally friendly.

What is the best form of calcium to take?

The best way to consume calcium is to eat dairy products because they are rich in calcium sources, but some people are reluctant to eat milk because of their sensitivity or lack of taste. It needs absorption of stomach acid and can be beneficial for those who are overproductive and have problems like reflux or stomach irritation. But it is not suitable for those with digestive problems because it reduces stomach acid and makes it difficult to digest. Calcium carbonate consumption can also cause constipation in some people.

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the intestine and its deficiency reduces the absorption of this mineral. Fat solubility means it is stored in the liver and should not be overused. The best sources of vitamin D include fish, especially sardines (fresh and fish) and eggs. The skin of the body is also exposed to sunlight (subject to sunscreen), which causes liver vitamin production. Remember that exposure to sunlight can increase your risk of developing skin cancer for a long time, so you should not use sunbathing for more than 20 minutes a day.

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