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Oyster mussel supplier manufacturer

Oyster mussel is one of the delicious foods that people like them very much. This food is very helpful & good for all kind of people. Oyster or seashells are a common name that cover the outside of the body of the animals like: oyster mussels & gastropod. In this article, we are talking about the oyster mussel more. Stay with us.

Oyster mussel supplier manufacturer

• What is the oyster mussel?

•	What is the oyster mussel?

The oyster mussel is a soft & aquatic animals. The oyster mussels are dividing in two parts: right cup & left cup. These two cups are connecting to each other by the ligament. Behind the oysters or seashells are hinges that helps the seashells to open & close the cups with the muscles. This part of the oysters is using as the seafood after cooking. The oyster mussels have an important role in producing the seafood. In 2002, more than 11 million ton oyster mussels are producing by the aquaculture. After the fishes of the sweet water these oyster mussels are in the second group of the seafood. It means that many people eat these kind of seafood. From this sentence, we can understand how much seashells are important, popular & delicious for the people. In the temperature of 10 to 14, the sexual sells are going to grow in the April & may & in August & September, these sexual cells are going to completely growing. Oysters effect by the motives like increasing the temperature, heat shocking & manipulation starting to spawn. These are some information that we should know about them. We are going to talk about other things more. 

• What is the mussel?

•	What is the mussel?

Mussel is the other kind of the oysters. Some of these oysters are living in the salty water & some of them are living in the sweaty water. Most of the time these mussels are sticking to the stones beside the sea. But some other species decide to live in the deep oceans. The oyster mussels are living in all of the cold & half cold water in the world. Some other species are living in the warm & equatorial water. Species of the cold & half cold water can’t competition with the species of the warm & equatorial water in growth & making colony. Mussels can stick their selves to different places by the byssus. These species are eating the planktons & microorganisms. In these species the male & female are far apart & fertilization is happening outside of the body. These species can move slowly until they find a good place to stick on it. Blue mussel & New Zealand green-lipped mussel are the most important & popular species of these mussels. Oyster mussels are a big source of selenium, vitamin B12 & zinc. These are some information about the mussels. Now you know what is mussels & what are they doing. 

• What is the different between the oyster & mussel?

•	What is the different between the oyster & mussel?

Oysters & mussels are the two kinds of shellfish. Oysters & mussels have a lot of differences. They have differences in their habits, behavior, anatomy & other things. But most of the people don’t know about these differences & everyone thinks that oysters & mussels are the same things. Oysters are a little fleshy than the mussels. This is an important differences between the oysters & mussels. The other different is in their fertilization. In the mussels, fertilization is happening outside the body. In fresh water, the male mussels release the sperm directly into the water & it reaches female through incurrent siphon. But in the oysters the external fertilization takes place in the water. It means that the eggs & the sperm fuse in the water. Mussels have a special siphon in their body which help them to filter the water in the best way. Oysters love to move freely in the water but mussels like to stick on the rough places or surfaces. Mineral Mussels are living in the fresh water of the lacks & creeks with the salty water where the ocean meets the shore. But the oysters love to live in the sea. These are some differences between the oysters & mussels. 

• What is the benefits of the mussel?

•	What is the benefits of the mussel?

As I said in the previous section, there are some different between the oysters & mussels. Mussels are living in fresh water & sometimes in the environments. Mussels move to seek their identity but oyster’s content with their life. The last but not the least one is that pearls are seen in the oysters most of the time. But sometimes you can see pearls in the mussels, too. These are the varieties between the oysters & mussels. Mussels are very healthy & have a lot of benefits. Here I’m going to tell you about their benefits. Mussels are a big sources of high protein & low fat. This is a good news for everyone who have a diet & don’t want to use more fat. In this way, you can enjoy your meal & stay on diet. The other benefit is that the mussels are full of iron, too. People who don’t want to eat red meat can replace this seafood instead of red meat. Mussels have a lot of vitamins A & B12. Vitamin A is very good for the skin, eyes & immune system. People who want to have a shiny skin, eat mussels more. 

• What is the different between the oyster & mussel taste?

•	What is the different between the oyster & mussel taste?

As I said before, vitamin B12 is very necessary & you can find them only in the animal products. This vitamin is necessary for the heart health, anaemia & overall health. Eating mussels help you to improve the brain function. It also reducing the arthritis. Mussels are full of omega 3. Omega 3 is good for all source of benefits like reducing the heart attack. On the other hand, mussels are the fatty acid. The taste of the mussels & oysters are same but some people believe that oysters have a more metallic taste than the mussels. They are softer but there is a crispness when you are biting these beautiful & tasty oysters. But I think the taste of the mussels & oysters depend on the way you are going to cook them. Also, it depends on the spices & flavor you are adding to them. They are a lot of ways that you can cook the oyster mussel in the best way. Because some people don’t like the smell of these seafood. Because of that it is very important to cook them in the best way. It helps people to eat them without any disgusting feeling or tastes. 

• What is the benefits of the oyster?

•	What is the benefits of the oyster?

Crushed seashells or oysters have a lot of benefits. these are the benefits of the oysters:

  1. Improving the sexual desires: oysters can improve the sexual desires in human especially the men. Zinc inside of these oysters are helping the sexual desires. Oysters can increase the testosterone in the men. 

  2. Losing weight: people who have diet can eat these oysters & don’t worry about increasing weight. Because the minerals inside of the oysters help people to have a good diet. 

  3. Protein sources: protein is one of the important things in our diet. Protein helps body to metabolism in the best way, repair the textures, growing the cells, strength of the muscles & other positive points. 

  4. Increasing the speed of curing: oysters have a lot of zinc inside them. This help the body to improve the wounds rapidly & improving the safety system against different kinds of infections & microbes. 

  5. Increasing the blood pressure: oysters have a large number of iron inside them. Enough irons in our body helps us to reducing the insomnia, stomach’s disorder, weakness of the muscles & other things. These benefits show people that how much these seafood especially the oysters & mussels are important for our body. 

• What is clam?

•	What is clam?

As I said before, there are some differences between the oysters & mussels. First, oysters are fleshy than the other mussels. Second, mussels have a smooth & soft cover but oysters have a rough shells. And third, oysters want to move freely in the water but mussels like to stick to the rough places like stones & other oysters. Here I’m going to tell you about the clam. Clam is a common name. These clams live as an infauna & spend most of their time in the sand of the seafloors. Clams have two shells that are connected by a muscle. These shells have an equal size & they have a strong borrowing foot. Clams are not stick to other rough places like mussels & also they are living near the bottom like the scallops. We have two kinds of clams like: palourde clams & razor clams. Palourde clams are oval & triangular but razor clams have an elongated parallel-sided shell. Clams have different long life. Some of the clams are living for one year but some of them are living for over 500 years. This is a short information of the clams. These information help you to understand different kinds of oysters. 

• Where we can find these oyster mussel?

•	Where we can find these oyster mussel?

As I said before, mussels are very delicious & it is one of the healthier seafood for the people. You can use this food, mussels, in your diet. Because they have high zinc, iron & other minerals like vitamin A & B12. Mussels are a big source of protein but they have low calories & fat. No matter how you are going to prepare these seafood. The most important point is that they are a healthy choice for people who have diet. The calcium carbonate brand name of these oysters & mussels are different. You can find these oysters & mussels in different shops & sites. There are some sites who are selling these kind of oysters & mussels in the package. In this way, they can deliver it to another countries easily. Some sites have a big discount on their products. So, you can buy a high quality product without spending too much money. The delivery services of these sites are the positive points. For example, when you want to send an oyster or mussel for your family in other countries, you can use these sites & send your package to them easily. So, you can save your time, too. 

• What do mussels look like?

•	What do mussels look like?

Most of the mussels are edible & belong to the phylum Mollusca. Mussels are very popular among the people around the world. As you know mussels have two shells & you can identify them with the dark colored shells. The shape of these mussels are look like the oval or in some mussels they look like the semi-circular. We can produce the mussels artificially. Maybe you have these question that the taste is different from the natural ones. It’s not that much different but the taste of the mussels are depend on the way the people are going to harvest them. As you know, mussels & oysters are the calcium carbonate sources. People who have lack of calcium in their bodies should eat them. But be careful to eat not too much. Because eating the oysters & mussels in a large number make a disease in your body. This disease is called long forgetful disease that is hurt your short term memory for a long time. It also increase the anger & injure the nervous system. So, you know about the shape of the mussels. If you are see one of them, you can recognize it easily & rapidly from the other kinds of oysters. 

• Buy oyster mussels from the wholesalers

•	Buy oyster mussels from the wholesalers

We have different kinds of oyster mussel. Green lip mussels. These kind of mussels are very common & popular among the people. This kind of mussels are safe to consumption & they have a big size. You can find these kind of mussels in the regions of New Zealand. Blue mussels are the other kind of mussels. Blue mussels are the edible mussels. These mussels have a good & wonderful taste among the other mussels. This kind of mussels are smaller than the other kind. The other factor is that they are very expensive because of its taste & you can find them during winter & spring. People can collect or hunt the Mediterranean mussels during the summer & fall. The shell of this kind of mussel is a little wide & the meat is plump & delicious. This is the most popular kind of mussels among the people. taste each kind & enjoy your life. 

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