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What is precipitated calcium carbonate?

In order to supply the raw materials of the industries related to calcium carbonate powder, the wholesale sale of precipitated calcium carbonate of factories has been operated directly and with the elimination of intermediaries. Manufacturing and industrial units can contact the collection sales consultants to order calcium carbonate powder. 

What is precipitated calcium carbonate?

precipitated calcium carbonate features

 precipitated calcium carbonate features One of the mixed calcium carbonate, which has recently attracted the attention of many artisans. Calcium carbonate is a very inexpensive material with efficient and good properties that is used in thermoplastics as a reinforcer. 

Polypropylene mix with calcium carbonate has uses such as plastic shelves, printing bags with the ability to print, making flat shoes and sandals, automotive industries, home appliances and …. 

 The changes that calcium carbonate makes in polypropylene include: 

1- Increase the modulus (resistance to deformation) 

2- Reduction of yield stress 

3- Reduction of tensile strength 

4- Acceleration in crystallization and its maximum temperature 

5- Reducing the amount of Best caco3 

6- Increase impact resistance (optimal value) 

7- Price reduction 

Polypropylene is one of the polymers that can be used in various processes such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, plate and pipe production and single-string and blow molding. 

 A good calcium carbonate should have the following characteristics: 

1- High purity, very fine granulation and high specific surface 

2- Particle scattering should be very limited 

3- Lack of moisture absorption 

4- Neutrality and non-corrosion due to its organic coating 

5- Flow and lubrication and non-production of dust in production 

 Calcium carbonate classification: 

1- Natural calcium carbonate: gypsum, limestone and marble 

precipitated calcium carbonate suppliers

 precipitated calcium carbonate suppliers Powder customers can contact Arusha through this site and contact the sales managers In addition to obtaining the necessary advice through the direct sale plan of talcum powder,Order the required product.

Buy talcum powder in two ways: in person and go to the factory And it is possible to be absent through the site.

powder is produced in 4 different qualities and marketed for this reason The prices of different types of talcum powder are different. The variety of production of this product in Arusha industrial complex has caused that Customers can more easily choose the product they need. In Talk, it has Gonaconi uses and is used in various industries. There are different types of calcium carbonate powder on the market, each of which has its own application. The bulk distribution market of this sample of Iranian products is operating extensively and in high demand. White talcum powder is used in various industries such as casting. Due to the variety of Talc powder production, sales prices also vary.

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