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where to buy crushed oyster shells for landscaping

Explaining mineral oysters, these products are marine crushed oyster shells that have become very good minerals in the process of fossilization. Fossilization makes them pure minerals and calcium-rich. That is why these materials are popular among livestock and poultry feed factories. 

where to buy crushed oyster shells for landscaping

What are the advantages of crushed oyster shells

 What are the advantages of crushed oyster shells Golestan and Gonbad Kavous and Aghband area are among the producers of mineral, mountain or fossil shells due to their proximity to the sea.

The types of calcium carbonate Excellent include powder, sugar, granules, mesh, and so on. Mesh oysters contain a high percentage of calcium manganese, and unlike other products such as their own, which are suitable for farmers and poultry farmers, they are often used to make glass or to produce chemicals such as adhesives. Oyster mesh, which has its own buyers, can be purchased in bulk at cheap prices from the relevant markets. Mesh mesh is widely used for industrial purposes.

Mineral oysters are a good alternative to sea oysters, carbonate and other similar products. There are many companies in the country that produce and distribute these products.

It should be mentioned that one of the important factors in observing the standard regarding the transportation of these materials should be considered and by using the best and most advanced transportation mechanisms, it should be delivered to the buyers in order to satisfy them.

 Types of mineral oysters are produced naturally and artificially. European and Asian countries, including West Asia, are importers of these products. In the agricultural industry, they can be used to produce chemical fertilizers.

Pharmaceuticals, firefighting, automotive, paint industry, oil, detergents, rubber production, steel industry are also buyers and customers.

In Iran, which is a producer of high quality mineral oysters, most of its use is in the form of livestock and poultry feed, which birds such as chicken, turkey, quail, etc. can be used as valuable food and rich in minerals needed for their growth. A variety of mineral Best CaCo3 powders are available for sale at their sales centers.

It is worth noting that the advantages of using oyster powder in the production of cosmetics are very important because the properties of oysters for skin health and beauty are obvious that can not be ignored.

Are best crushed oyster shells so expensive?

 Are best crushed oyster shells so expensive? The price of oysters in the market varies depending on factors such as inflation and market fluctuations, the amount and type of product and the method of purchase. Buying mineral oysters individually and in bulk. The production of this product in the country and the existence of competitive markets in this regard makes it easy for buyers to access.  mineral oysters are selling well in the country today. These products are domestically produced and are mainly produced in the north of the country. The size of the sugar type, which is 1 to 3 mm, is suitable for feeding laying hens and quail, as well as polenta and meat farms. This natural and pure product makes digestion easier in poultry and does not damage the bird’s throat due to its easy swallowing, and due to its high calcium, it improves growth and strengthening in them. 

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